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PASSIONATE about guiding people to tap into their inner advocate.

PERSISTENT in empowering communities to amplify their voices at work, in their neighborhoods, and at the ballot box.

PERSUASIVE as a change agent in the halls of government.

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Pasadena is where Patrice’s story begins, where she has nurtured and planted deep roots in her community, and where she is writing her next chapter. Pasadena is also the place that cultivated her mindset of thinking and dreaming without limits on what is possible.  As an educator and community advocate, Patrice uses her voice to speak on issues of equity, justice and power building for marginalized members of her community. She knows the transformative power of education and knows that learning is a continuous process.  Patrice is keenly aware of the harm to communities that can result from education and opportunity gaps. 

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She works tirelessly to educate her community about the power that every day people possess and their capacity to accelerate change through the avenues of civic engagement, advocacy, and pulling the levers of participatory democracy. Patrice seizes every opportunity to highlight the importance of the public when people think about public service, policymakers, and the leaders who are elected to serve and represent us as public servants.


Patrice is a skilled professional adept in the Legislative Process, public affairs and media relations. She is known by many in the government and public sector throughout California-and has access to many of the most powerful people within the public policy landscape.  Patrice is also an adept facilitator, thought leader and visionary in the public affairs arena. 



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“Patrice is a trusted advisor who has helped me develop personally and has played a key role in helping me understand the political landscape impacting the African American community. She has a great understanding of the issues as well as a solution focused leadership approach.  I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with her in community forums addressing social & restorative justice, inclusion and equality. Her facilitation of these critical and often uncomfortable conversations is beyond reproach.


She has the unique ability of “listening to understand” in ways few can. Instead of overloading the audience (she’s usually the most prepared subject expert in the room), she has a way of communicating that even the folks in the back of the room can hear and take action. ”


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